For a number of years, Heights Farm Pet Foods have been at the forefront of the market place supplying natural, hypoallergenic food and quality products to a rapidly growing customer base. Experience the difference and Improve your Dog’s mobility and joint strength today.

Dietary+Plus 2kg Weight Control Formula

Dietary+Plus 2kg Weight Control Formula

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Product Features

A scientific blend of tasty Beef and Chicken proteins with balanced carbohydrates, specifically designed to reduce or control an adult dogs weight when given in correct proportion and in conjunction with regular daily exercise.
Rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, added Carnitine for energy release, vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants.
Featuring a prebiotic to promote the growth of beneficial intestinal micro organisms, Glucosamine and Green Lipped Mussel provide nutritional support for joints.
Dietary + Plus will help to prevent conditions such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease, High blood pressure etc..

Rich in rice with beef and chicken, wheat and Maize free recipe

Low to moderate calorie content, with added Carnitine

Contains omega 3 fatty acids, Glucosamine and Green Lipped Mussel for the nutritional support of joints. Contains mannan oligosaccharides (a prebiotic) natural antioxidants, milk thistle and yucca extract.

Analytical Constituents

Protein.                    21.0%                Metabolisable Energy        342 Kcal/100g

Fat Content.              7.0%                Calcium                                                 2.0%

Crude Fibres.            5.0%                Phosphorus                                          1.0%

Crude Ash.                7.0%                Vitamin E                                    265 mg/kg

Moisture.               <10.0%               Omega 6:3 Ratio                                     3:1


Natural antioxidants

Nutritional Additives

Vitamin A/E672                       17,000iu/kg     Zinc sulphate monohydrate       400mg/kg

Vitamin D/E671                         1,700iu/kg     Zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate

Iron Sulphate monohydrate      80mg/kg     Sodium selenite

Cupric sulphate pentahydrate  35mg/kg     Carnitine

Manganous Oxide                      75mg/kg


Rice, Oats, Beef (12%) & Chicken (12%)Meal, unmolassed Beet Pulp, peas, Chicken liver, Alfalfa, Chicken Fat, Yeast, Salmon Oil, Mannan Oligosaccharides, Glucosamine (1,000mg/kg) Green Lipped Mussel (500mg/kg) Seaweed, Milk Thistle, Marigold, Yucca Schidigera, Kale, Beetroot, Rosemary

Biscuit Size- 23mm long 10mm wide

IMPORTANT- Always ensure clean fresh water is available at all times.


Additional information

Weight2 kg

Feeding Guide

We have provided an estimate of your animal’s Heights Farm daily food requirements based on weight, but please be aware that all animals are individuals like us. Some can be greedy, others quite fussy with small appetite, and current health/ lifestyle plays a large part when considering your animals nutrition. For instance a very active animal will burn off a lot more calories than a less active one.

It is generally considered good practice to divide meals up into maybe two or more portions a day, this aids healthy digestion but again is not set in stone, and needs to also fit the owners lifestyle.

So, prior to feeding Heights Farm Premium Pet Foods start by recording the exact weight of your animal. Check with your vet or breeder for the ideal target weight, and with your new heights farm diet, gradually phase our food in over a seven day period to the following ratio. Day 1. 90% existing diet 10% Heights Farm. Day 2. 80%  existing diet 20% Heights Farm etc….continue until fully transferred to your new Heights Farm Food.

Initially monitor weight on a monthly basis, making adjustments if necessary.
One of the best ways to judge if you are feeding correctly is by what comes out of the other end! Poo’s should not be large in quantity and well formed.

Once a happy feeding pattern is achieved it’s important that you always accurately weigh out at each meal time.

STORAGE SUGGESTIONS- We recommend our food and treats are stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, such as a pantry or cupboard. Avoid storing in a shed or garage where temperatures are not controlled.  

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What our customers say about us...

Long time customers, great food!

Long time customers, great food!

Long time customers, great food, delivered quickly and the price is right. Dog loves it.

Philip Egan, Location

I wouldn’t feed him anything else now.

I wouldn’t feed him anything else now.

I’m a first time dog owner who’s dog was suffering from allergies which resulted in him chewing his feet. After being recommended heights farm I gave them a try and thank god I did! All of his fur grew back and I now have a very happy healthy dog. I ...

Gillian Isherwood

All our boys have loved the food, never left any!

All our boys have loved the food, never left any!

We have used Heights Farm for our 2 previous Toy Poodles Fred & Bert and now our Miniature Poodle puppy Teddy. Fred had a severe skin problem and Stephen‘s advice re his food and other ways to help him were excellent. All our boys have loved the food, never left ...


She loves the food. We use the salmon and potato variety.

She loves the food. We use the salmon and potato variety.

Came across Heights Farm Pet Foods by accident at a farmer’s market. Spoke to the couple running the stall about my Cockapoo being a fussy eater. They gave me a few sample bags for her to try. That was nearly 3 years ago and I’m no longer buying extra tinned ...

Diane Ried

Quality food to suit dogs of all types and ages.

Quality food to suit dogs of all types and ages.

Quality food to suit dogs of all types and ages. Friendly and helpful staff and prompt delivery. Always on hand to offer advice and wouldn't feed my boxer on anything else now.

Lisa Jones