Heights Farm would like to introduce a range of unique signature fragrances, designed to neutralise any pet odours and replace with the most amazing individual aromas.

Dark Honey-6 x Indulgence Range Wax Melts

Our Luxury Indulgence Range.



Eliminates pet odours and Freshens your rooms.

Dark Honey

A sultry dark and powerful blend of fragrant Herbs softened with honey accords and pronounced amber incites romantic notions of exotic lands.

Wax Melts x 6 -75 Grams

Once placed in a burner these wax melts quickly fragrance your room and will provide a strength of pleasant aromas over a 3 hour period for between 2-3 burns.

This bespoke fragrance is also available in a Reed Diffusor as well as a Room Atomiser which is CFC free. 


Additional information

Weight0.75 kg

Safety and Storage Information

Enjoy your wax melts safely

Please be aware of the following wax melt safety information

Wax Melts Usage Instructions – Remove all packaging and place the wax melt in the well of your wax melt burner. Use with an unscented tea light or an electric burner, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Only burn the wax melt on a level, fire resistant surface. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.


Safety – Do not put fingers or hands into the unit while lit. To reduce risk of injury, keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave unattended or burning out of sight. Place unit on a level and heat resistant surface away from other heat elements. Do not overfill the bowl, you can top up once the wax has melted. The burner may become hot, do not touch while in use as heated wax can burn. Allow to cool when finished using. Do not use metal objects to clean out wax, this may crack and damage the burner. See changing your wax melts on how best to do this. See label on wax melts for further health and safety advice.


Wax Melt Storage – Wax Melts are sensitive to light and temperature, you can avoid your wax melts from cracking and melting by storing in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep your wax melts dust free by keeping the extra wax in their clamshells or back in the sealed packaging dispatched to you in.


Changing you Wax Melts – Historically, there are two ways that you can remove your used wax melts in order to start anew. We call it the hot or cold method – or liquid or hard.

If your burner has been on and your wax is liquid, take two cotton balls, set them in the burner tray, let it absorb. and discard the cotton balls. This is perfect for the burners without removable trays. Then take a paper towel and wipe away any excess wax.

If your wax burner is not on and the wax has hardened, we think it is easier to remove it by relighting the tea light for 10-30 seconds so the wax loosens in the dish and is easier to remove as a solid piece. Apply a light amount of pressure to the melt and it should pop out in a semi solid form. Be sure to wipe away any excess with a paper towel.


Happy Wax Melting !


What our customers say about us...

Long time customers, great food!

Long time customers, great food!

Long time customers, great food, delivered quickly and the price is right. Dog loves it.

Philip Egan, Location

I wouldn’t feed him anything else now.

I wouldn’t feed him anything else now.

I’m a first time dog owner who’s dog was suffering from allergies which resulted in him chewing his feet. After being recommended heights farm I gave them a try and thank god I did! All of his fur grew back and I now have a very happy healthy dog. I ...

Gillian Isherwood

All our boys have loved the food, never left any!

All our boys have loved the food, never left any!

We have used Heights Farm for our 2 previous Toy Poodles Fred & Bert and now our Miniature Poodle puppy Teddy. Fred had a severe skin problem and Stephen‘s advice re his food and other ways to help him were excellent. All our boys have loved the food, never left ...


She loves the food. We use the salmon and potato variety.

She loves the food. We use the salmon and potato variety.

Came across Heights Farm Pet Foods by accident at a farmer’s market. Spoke to the couple running the stall about my Cockapoo being a fussy eater. They gave me a few sample bags for her to try. That was nearly 3 years ago and I’m no longer buying extra tinned ...

Diane Ried

Quality food to suit dogs of all types and ages.

Quality food to suit dogs of all types and ages.

Quality food to suit dogs of all types and ages. Friendly and helpful staff and prompt delivery. Always on hand to offer advice and wouldn't feed my boxer on anything else now.

Lisa Jones