Itchy Dog?

Does your dog have itchy skin? Our food can help.

There can be numerous reasons for a dog suffering from itchy skin.

Here at Heights Farm Pet Foods our approach is to try the simple and less costly options first.

Medication is not always the best initial course of action, inevitably is extremely expensive and often only mask’s the underlying problem!

Let’s focus on the nutrition.

After all, we are what we eat! 

If your dog’s current food has animal and cereal derivatives listed on the rear of the label this can be the cause of an allergic reaction to ingredients such as Wheat and other cheap cereal-based “fillers” There will also often be chemicals and colours in these types of foods which again will aggravate an existing condition.

Fact– Generally, supermarkets are the worst place to purchase pet food.

We would suggest trying one of our single protein source hypoallergenic blends, introducing slowly over a seven day period, initially avoiding treats etc, and just keeping to the food to notice the difference.

You should notice an immediate improvement in stool quality, a happier calmer animal and a vast improvement to the skin and coat.

The above case study was taken over a 6 week period using our Hypoallergenic Grain Free Salmon and Potato Extra Joint Care product.