Our food types explained.

There are now lots of different types of pet food in the market place today with a vast pricing spectrum from very cheap to extremely expensive. Many people are influenced by branding and product placement as elaborate marketing drives the inflated price point most of the time.
Here at Heights Farm we have a very different approach. A family business with traditional values based on core principles-Quality, Value and Service. We have over the last ten years created a range of exclusive products. All the effort, resource and development goes straight into our food. Only the finest wholesome natural ingredients human grade meats and quality carbohydrates make the grade. Our foods feature rich with many health benefits and nutritionally balanced. The joint supplements we put in our food provide a daily dose of protection against arthritis and premature wear.

We are very proud of our healthy nutritious foods and invite you to try and experience the Heights Farm difference.

You won’t find any artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives, dairy or soya products in our range of natural dog foods and natural pet foods. Fresh chicken, ‘’Grade A’’ chicken meal, fresh salmon, or lamb meal are the main ingredients that ensure it’s premium and a natural pet food.

Our hypoallergenic dog food range has no wheat and wheat gluten content, known as a common cause for pet intolerances.

It is the unique way in which the Kibble is produced, using a steam process, that allows your animal’s rapid digestion process a chance to easily extract all the quality ingredients. Making our dog food one of the most natural dog foods available.

What our customers say about us...

Long time customers, great food!

Long time customers, great food!

Long time customers, great food, delivered quickly and the price is right. Dog loves it.

Philip Egan, Location

I wouldn’t feed him anything else now.

I wouldn’t feed him anything else now.

I’m a first time dog owner who’s dog was suffering from allergies which resulted in him chewing his feet. After being recommended heights farm I gave them a try and thank god I did! All of his fur grew back and I now have a very happy healthy dog. I ...

Gillian Isherwood

All our boys have loved the food, never left any!

All our boys have loved the food, never left any!

We have used Heights Farm for our 2 previous Toy Poodles Fred & Bert and now our Miniature Poodle puppy Teddy. Fred had a severe skin problem and Stephen‘s advice re his food and other ways to help him were excellent. All our boys have loved the food, never left ...


She loves the food. We use the salmon and potato variety.

She loves the food. We use the salmon and potato variety.

Came across Heights Farm Pet Foods by accident at a farmer’s market. Spoke to the couple running the stall about my Cockapoo being a fussy eater. They gave me a few sample bags for her to try. That was nearly 3 years ago and I’m no longer buying extra tinned ...

Diane Ried

Quality food to suit dogs of all types and ages.

Quality food to suit dogs of all types and ages.

Quality food to suit dogs of all types and ages. Friendly and helpful staff and prompt delivery. Always on hand to offer advice and wouldn't feed my boxer on anything else now.

Lisa Jones

Our food types explained

Puppy Food

This is a critical stage in a dogs development. Our Grain Free recipe has been scientifically formulated to support your dogs rapid growth and features ingredients to support brain and structure at this key stage. The two types of food in our range Puppy and Large Breed Puppy have an increased protein level at 30% and 25%. The large breed being 5% less as bigger puppies develop over a longer period of time hence a lower level.

Kitten Food

A kitten achieves 75% of its adult body weight in around 6 months. Balanced nutrition with higher protein level and rich in amino acids to support muscle growth through early growth stages. Added vitamin E promotes a healthy immune system and the Omega 3 fatty acids takes care of the skin and a beautiful soft and shiny coat. All this in a smaller kibble size ensures all kittens enjoy their meals and gain the very best start in life.

Grain Free Food

Grain Free Dog and Cat Food has certainly gained popularity over the last few years but some research indicates that in many cases this has been a human preference rather than fulfilling the nutritional needs of our pets. Grains such as Oats and Rice in correct proportion give an essential slow release of energy over the day in the form of Carbohydrates. After extensive research it is now known that not all Grains are recognised as common allergens. For instance corn or maize is the least likely source of food allergy, whilst wheat, gluten, beef and dairy are the most common triggers. That said, veterinary testing indicates some animals through breeding may have become particularly reactive to specific ingredients and so we offer a refined recipe in our Heights Farm Grain Free foods to support the most sensitive of souls.

Gluten Free Food

Gluten is the protein portion of a Carbohydrate that is found in certain types of Grain such as Wheat and Rye, but not found in Rice(,) Potato or Oats. Gluten is now recognised both in Humans and Animals alike as a "Red Flag" ingredient and one of the main causes of Allergic reactions. The symptoms can be upset stomach, itchy dry skin, ear infections etc. which make life very difficult for the sufferer. Sadly, many vets first port of call would be to prescribe expensive steroids, which generally only alleviates the symptoms short term. The answer is to try a Gluten Free Dog Food. Simply changing to a Gluten Free diet for dogs is sometimes the safest and most cost effective way to regaining your animals health and wellbeing. Our Gluten Free Puppy and Dog Food and Treats will certainly save you money over other high street brands whilst promoting healthy teeth and great nutrition.

Hypoallergenic Food

As in Humans, it is not uncommon for dogs to suffer Allergic reactions. This can result in significant discomfort to the skin, either in the form of redness, or, to one which is itchy and dry, as well as an upset stomach. Whilst the environment can play a big part in this condition, some of the most severe cases are caused by poor quality ingredients in the dog's food. The best way to address this condition is by feeding a Hypoallergenic Dog Food. The key is to remove what are termed as "fillers" out of your dog's diet such as Wheat and Cereals as well as the harmful colourants and chemical additives.
So, what are the best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods? This is not an easy question to answer as it very much depends on your dog's specific allergy, but a good rule of thumb with complete dry blends is to try a food with a single protein source such as Salmon, Chicken or Lamb. The next main ingredient to consider will be the carbohydrate such as Rice or Potato.
If your Dog has an allergy to Grains and Rice then Potato is a great alternative. Over time, and with a strict feeding pattern, you should be able to discover the best combination that works for your dog.

Holistic Food

Holistic means "to treat something as a whole from the inside out" Holistic Dog Food is a term that addresses all your dogs nutritional needs and as such only uses natural ingredients, free from artificial colours, chemicals, pesticides hormones or antibiotics. Holistic Pet Food can contain whole beneficial grains, fruit and veg to complement a single protein source meat or fish of a high grade with no by-products. All the ingredients within the food have been specifically selected in order to benefit the animal. Finally, there is an extensive vitamin and mineral content helping to maintain joints, bones and the immune system.

Weight Control Food

Our Dietary+Plus product is a specific K9 formula designed to reduce weight or maintain an appropriate weight on dogs particularly sensitive to weight gain. We achieve this with just 7% fat content and a full hypoallergenic list of ingredients as well as our magnificent joint support in the form of Green Lipped Mussel and Glucosamine combination.